YWCA NCW, on a mission to share stories about Inspiring Women

Source: The Wenatchee World


WENATCHEE — YWCA NCW’s special projects manager Kristina Fry, and executive director Jenny Pratt, are spearheading the Wenatchee Valley’s second edition of Inspiring Women. This keepsake book will share stories and memories of our area’s truly inspirational women, of women who have impacted lives, communities and hearts; women who have made a difference.

One reason Fry was inspired to create a second edition of the publication is YWCA NCW’s 60th anniversary this year and wanting to do something to help celebrate this milestone. Another reason for the second edition of Inspiring Women, writes Fry, “As someone who has had a completely transformed life starting with the YWCA almost 6 years ago, I am passionate about the organization and want to continue as an Ambassador for them in any way I can.”

As Fry continues her life and career in the Wenatchee Valley, she is constantly reminded of the many amazing women in the area that inspire, mentor, and tirelessly give to their families, careers, organizations, and communities. The book is a means of spotlighting the diverse women who have dared to dream and have overcome great obstacles.

While Fry is surprised to find that many women are reluctant to share their stories of courage and triumph, it is just these types of stories Fry found gave her the hope to lead a fulfilling life and the courage to keep pushing herself even when she felt overwhelmed. When talking to women who are hesitant to share their stories, Fry tries to help them understand that their stories are purposeful, their testimonials will help others believe that nothing is impossible.

For the book, people are also encouraged to submit stories about women who have helped communities or individuals through difficult times, who have been an inspiration and have made a difference. Legacy pieces are also welcome to honor women that are no longer with with us but, who truly stoked the fire of inspiration and community. Fry wants us to know we have many women in our valley channeling passion into action, efforts through which we all may reap the rewards. “I am so excited to be a part of this venture and feel honored to be surrounded by so many incredible woman. All of that harnessed power, the collaboration, unity and generosity inspire me every day!” says Fry.

For many in the Wenatchee Valley, the book may become a keepsake, a conversation piece, an historical record, or all three. YWCA NCW believes, “Everyone has a story to tell, why not hers?” Stories, photos and pledge donations should be submitted no later than March 15, 2017. For more information and for submission forms, please contact Kristina Fry by phone, 509-264-1156 or by email krisitna@ywcancw.org