Youth United


What is Youth United?

The Youth United program is a program that encourages students to engage and volunteer in their community, then rewards them for achieving the volunteer hour requirement.  Youth United is available in all North Central Washington schools (including home and private schools within those school districts) for youth in grades 6-12. 5th grade students may start in May of their 5th grade year.  Currently, schools that participate include:

Bridgeport School District

Brewster School District

Cascade School District

Cashmere School District

Eastmont School District

Entiat School District

Lake Chelan School District

Manson School District

Waterville School District

Wenatchee School District

Due to COVID 19 Please turn in applications as complete as you can to by May 15th.   Due to school closures and responsible social distancing we understand some applications may be incomplete.  Student United Way and UWNCW will do our best to make sure your work is honored and acknowledged.  More awards have been ordered but may be delayed due to COVID 19.  Thank you for the service and care you provide to your community!

New this year, the Youth United application is universal for all grades! Additionally, the application has been revised to make it easier to fill out using as little paper as possible. Please ensure all forms are filled out correctly and completely. Please make sure the application is complete with a parent signature, to avoid delays or your application being rejected. You can find the Application Form here!

Service Verification Forms with complete supervisor contact information for ALL volunteer hours (these do not have to be signed by the supervisor) OR a signed letter from the volunteer project's supervisor on company or organization letterhead. A combination of both is fine, since most students volunteer for many different projects with many different supervisors who prefer to verify your hours differently.

Academic Eligibility Form with school staff signature, verifying a minimum of 2.0 Grade Point Average OR if the minimum GPA is not achieved, a signed waiver from the principal of the school

If you have any questions regarding either the Varsity Letter or Youth Engaged in Service Youth United programs, please contact Carrie Gavin 

Though United Way of North Central Washington strives to ensure there are a number of volunteer projects available in which students my participate, the responsibility for finding volunteer opportunities and making contact with the organization in order to volunteer remains with the student. United Way of North Central Washington hosts a volunteer calendar if students are struggling to find volunteer opportunities and students are always encouraged to call or email the coordinator for any volunteer projects. The way the program is set up provides opportunities for students to gain experience communicating with adults to acquire service and allows the organization to ask pertinent questions of the student.

Once a student begins volunteering, they maintain a record of all of their service, complete with supervisor contact information, between May 1st and April 30th of the following year. All volunteer hours are verified.