What We Do

Since 1939 we have listened to, worked with, and supported our community for social service needs.  Our work is about creating long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems, not just addressing the symptoms.  Our work is aligned to make the greatest impact through collective action, increased capacity for local nonprofits, and program investments.

Our Vision

If you believe every child should have the opportunity to succeed in school, every family can provide for their needs and every home is safe and caring, then you believe what we believe. 

Our Role

We see the connectedness in today's issues and it's impact on our youth and families, and how that impact effects the entire community.  How can you expect to get your homework done with no lights?  How can you think about math problems when all you can think about is where your next meal might come from?  How can you make it to work for my family when you do not make enough money to provide a roof over my families heads?

United Way of North Central Washington has a responsibility to the community not to only see things through a lense of equity, ensuring our work revolve around Diversity Equity and Inclusion, but by remaining the moral compass in every room we walk in to.  Regardless if it is the City Council Chambers, the Capitol Building in Olympia, or even in front of Congress in Washington DC, United Way will FIGHT for all those realing from all types of oppression and give a voice to all who cannot be heard.

Fighting for access to quality educational programs for children of all ages, helping to provide financial stability for economically deprived families, ensuring our community is healthy not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well.  These are rights we believe belong to all families in all communities.

How can I Get Involved in Creating Change in my Community?

Each United Way is independently governed by a local volunteer board, in order to best meet our local needs and opportunities. We must, however, adhere to a stringent set of United Way Worldwide membership standards that focus on governance, ethics, financial management, and general operations.