What happens when we fail our neighbors

We like to say we do all we can to help our neighbors who do not have a roof over their head.  But what happens when they are homeless in plain sight, what are you going to do now?

One of the services that often go over looked when helping those who are trying to get out of their homeless situations are mental health services.  Many people who make their homes on the streets and in our alleyways try many different avenues to get off of that said street.  Often those avenues have restrictions and requirements to access the help they provide.  Thus the very institutions homeless go to for alleviation might in fact be making the situation worse for those with mental health needs.

We can see this very example here in our own backyards.  The article below talks about one of our neighbors and his journey from an everyday citizen to sleeping in an old apple box in Memorial Park.  See how he exhausted his avenues of help and how his mental health needs went unmet by all of these programs meant to help those just like him.

He had a mental health crisis. Now he sleeps in a box in Memorial Park