Wenatchee PRIDE 2019 June 15th!


This month Marks the start of many Wenatchee PRIDE 2019!

United Way is committed to the values of diversity, equilty and inclusion.  Helping bring awareness and understanding to our LGBTQ+ is deeply rooted in those values.  The United Way of North Central Washington is proud to be an ally of Wenatchee PRIDE and all the work they are doing for their PRIDE 2019 event.

Our town is a unique place nestled in the Cascade Mountains.  One disadvantage of this is a slower path leading understanding and inclusion for many of the citizens that belong to vulnerable communities.  We will only find the end of this path by coming together as a community and uniting for the equal rights of not just all men and women, but for those who don't and in most cases can't, identify as who they truly are.

Turn the page and close the book on this chapter of history.  Lets come together and understand we are all in this fight together as a community.

Check out the flyer below for more info on Wenatchee PRIDE and PRIDE 2019 or visit WenatcheePride.com.