A Typical Federal Worker Has Missed $5,000 in Pay

In today's tough economic times we face challenges we have never faced before.  The current government shutdown is not doing any family any favors.  According to this New York Times article the government shutdown has affected 800,000 federal workers, adding up to an astonishing $5,000 in payroll missing per any average federal worker.  As we know a high percentage of American's are living check to check, making $5,000 a considerable fortune to be lost.

This government shutdown not only affects the federal workers on furlough, but programs designed to help those most in need throughout the community.  Everything from HUD housing assistance, FDA housing loans, and even soon SNAP and TANF may run out of money, crippling the support systems we have set up to give our neighbors the best chance to achieve their dreams. 

Here is an article giving some more information about who is being affected by the shutdown and how it has changed everyday life for many.

 A Typical Federal Worker Has Missed $5,000 in Pay From the Shutdown So Far - NYTIMES.COM