Trans Rights are Human Rights

Children in our communities should have access to safe spaces where they can express themselves.  Finding your identity is a challenge many of us still face today, but what happens when you know who you are, but society at large does not understand?  What happens when we ignore those vulnerable populations of students developing in young adults, leaving no safe spaces to go?

Let's be firm here, United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of EVERY PERSON IN EVERY COMMUNITY.  This includes the LGBTQ+ community.  Gay rights, Trans Rights, and human rights are all in the same vein when it comes to us.  Living your life as a gay/trans man/woman should not be hindered by identifying with a group that the community does not fully understand.  Communities should afford the same rights and inclusion into the community that every other ethnic, religious, or cultural populations are given.  They are your neighbors like you and I, it's about time we testify to this knowledge.

Check out the article below highlighting Cascade Schools efforts to bring potections and rights to transgender students in their community!

Cascade schools | Board proposes procedures protecting transgender students