Taking care of ourselves and how hard it really is

Many people don't have the time for self care.  Often we Americans are either working too hard, not getting enough sleep, and feeling the full force of burning the wick at both ends.  Now imagine you are in one of the hardest parts of your life.  How much time for self care do you have now?

Although a very important component to everyday life, self care is something that gets pushed to the side quite often.  For others however even the most basic care is hard to access. How in the world will I be able to focus on getting a job or rebuilding your life after prison if you can't sleep?  How will you be able to be your best and sharpest when you can't get the correct access to medication to help with your mental state?

Check out the article below highlighting steps our community is taking to better care for vulnerable groups within North Central Washington!

New Clinic Treats the Mind and Body