New cell phone policy implemented at Wenatchee High School

WENATCHEE – Students attending Wenatchee High School (WHS) will have a new set of rules to follow regarding the use of cell phones in the classroom starting this week.

According to a letter from WHS principal Eric Anderson addressed to the parents and guardians of students, all classrooms will now be considered “cell phone free zones during instructional times.”

Students will be allowed to store their phones in a backpack or a school-approved storage area inside the classroom during class, but will not be permitted to have their phones on their desks or elsewhere within view.

The letter goes on to detail this action is being taken to remove a “major temptation and distraction” from the students at WHS and to better support them in their academic success, while also promoting “face to face school interaction” as well.

Cell phone use will be permissible on campus both before and after school, as well as at lunchtime and during the school’s two respective passing periods at 10:50 a.m. and 1:50 p.m.

For many newer students at WHS, the new policy is not dissimilar to those already in place at the middle schools within the Wenatchee School District.