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Need student volunteers?

United Way of North Central Washington Youth United program is designed to teach our young people the value of volunteerism, while preparing them for their paths beyond high school.  The experience gained from volunteering might help a new graduate, armed with volunteer work experience, gain employment, or it give them that extra edge for acceptance into the college of their choice or scholarships to pay for that education.  Youth United is about giving our youth that extra edge, providing them opportunities to identify their passion, and showing them how much they are appreciated.

Students throughout North Central Washington are looking for rewarding and unique volunteer opportunities to help them complete the Youth United program.  Students range in age from 11-19 and possess an incredibly wide range of skills.  If your volunteer opportunities require specialized skills, we encourage you to speak with your volunteer directly to ensure they fit your needs, prior to putting them to work. 


Getting volunteers

In order for youth to count volunteer time served at your organization or event for the Youth United program, the following criteria must be met:

Must be a not for profit, education, government or faith based organization or, in the case of an event conducted by individual(s) not employed by a not for profit organization, it must be an organized benefit or effort for an individual or not for profit organization.

For profit assisted living facilities WITH THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS:

Youth United volunteers may not perform any maintenance, cleaning, dining room help, serving, yard or garden work, personal hygiene or medical care for residents or any job that is typically performed by paid staff, including running group activities for the activities director.  Volunteers are limited to activities that enhance residents' lives above and beyond the basic needs and activities that are offered as part of the organization's standard services.

Upon our office receiving your volunteer request, it will be posted up on our calendar, if it is a dated event, or in the ongoing volunteer opportunities area, if it is for an ongoing opportunity.  It is important to note that United Way does NOT find volunteers and manage them for you.  Contrarily, we make the opportunity available to the students via our calendar and facebook and through their school's various clubs.  It is then their responsibility to make contact with the organization to sign up for volunteering, and subsequently, the organization's responsibility to properly manage them.

United Way assumes no responsibility or liability for volunteers selected to work for your organization or event.


Ready to get volunteers?

Most days there are a lot of opportunities from which youth can choose.  Opportunities with complete information typically get the best response, so we encourage you to complete our Volunteer Opportunity form to help ensure that all of the details of your volunteer opportunity are captured and shared with potential volunteers.  The form can be completed online, by clicking here.