Expert says Wenatchee needs to take action against opioid use


The Wenatchee Rotary Club held a weekly focus program Thursday afternoon on the growing opioid crisis in North Central Washington.

Executive Director of The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Loretta Stover, was the guest speaker at the program Thursday.

Stover spoke on the health epidemic and helped put it into better perspective for Wenatchee residents unfamiliar with the epidemic.

“We need to be preventing addiction by working with families and children to talk about earlier stages of addiction,” Stover said.

Stover discussed with NCWLIFE how parents should be actively watching their kids to make sure they can stop an addiction before it starts.

“As adults we need to educate ourselves about what the latest trends are and constantly be asking our kids what they and their peers are doing,” Stover said.

Stover also spoke on topics such as how opioid addiction starts, signs to look for and how to help or treat an addict with products such as NARCAN.

In the last several years, opioid deaths in Washington State have increased 77%. Drugs such as heroin, Xanax and other narcotics have all contributed to recent deaths in Chelan and Douglas counties.

The Rotary Club and Stover hope to hold more program in the future to educate the public further on issues such as the opioid crisis.