Early Learning

United Way of North Central Washington has been working on the most critical issues in our community, including Early Childhood Education.  As we examined the issues more deeply, it became clear that to make a real difference in our community, we must make an early investment in our children.  When our children succeed, our community succeeds.

All infants, children, and youth should be nurtured and provided with the opportunity to succeed in school, develop life skills, and reach their full potential. 

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Early Learning 


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The North Central Early Learning Collaborative continues to engage in opportunities to connect with parents/caregivers. In one effort to ensure our youth have the skills and tools necessary to succeed in school, we applied for and acquired a grant from Molina Foundation to receive 1200 infant, toddler, pre-school and school-age books.  Books were distributed at the Opportunity Community Conference and provided to the Parent to Parent Holiday Project.  If you have an upcoming community opportunity and would like additional information please contact carrie@uwncw.org, or call 509-662-8261.


North Central Early Learning Collaborative FAQ

Thrive Washington advances high-quality early learning – with a commitment to innovation and equity – throughout Washington state. We work with partners to activate communities, advocate for young children and families, and influence public and private investment.

Our work now drives toward three major goals for the biggest impact possible:

1.  Prepare every child for success (because not all children get the same start in life)

2.  Advance the field (because high-quality early learning programs are proven to make a long-term difference for children)

3.  Build a thriving system (because we all play an important role in helping every child get a great start)

What Matters for Children?

To ensure that all children in our state get a strong start in school and life, Thrive brings the following values to our work:

• Parents are their child’s first teacher and most important advocate.
• Early childhood development is about more than learning and demands a comprehensive approach for children and families.
• A focus on racial equity and access for children and families furthest from opportunity is crucial to closing the opportunity gap.
• Engaged, supported and connected communities are vital to a healthy early learning system.
• High-quality programs and interactions require a balance of evidence and innovation to ensure the best results.
• Authentic partnerships are hard work and essential to progress.

Thrive Washington