The barriors of getting help when homeless

When helping others do you often ask if they are clean and sober before you lend a hand? When taking someone in from the cold you don't ask them to leave their companions, (animals) their only source of decency in this world, out in the cold do you?

One of the biggest stigma's around trying to get help for one's self are the hoops and red tape you need to go through so you might be able to see a someone a month from now.  Now imagine you are homeless trying to receive that same help.

A vast number of the homeless population is out on the street due to restrictions they may not be in control of.  Requiring someone fresh off the street to be clean and sober first to receive shelter and hot meal is an unequitable system in much need over overhauling.  Along with the requirement to be clean and sober to receive help many of the people trying to get off of the street also are told to abandone their pets that have been their only loyal companion in the most trying times.

Check out this article from the Wenatchee World to see the work of a shelter where these restrictions and requirements have been done away with to better care for our neighbors in need.

Homeless day shelter looking for help