Alleviation of Poverty

Opportunity Community is an approach to move our neighbors out of poverty, a way to connect people to community resources, a place where "Neighbors" connect with "Navigators," a community where you can be a part of the solution. Navigators are any community members who will commit to share their networks to help Neighbors navigate the system, move out and stay out of poverty.

It takes all of us - non-profits, businesses, government, healthcare, education, and social service agencies, faith-based organizations, statewide networks and community volunteers - all working to alleviate poverty.

Questions? Contact Charity Bergman: 509-662-8261 or

Opportunity Community Conference Planning Teams

The Opportunity Community Conference takes the community to plan. We can almost guarantee at least one team will allow for you to bring your ideas to the table and make each year the best Opportunity Community this community has ever had.

Childcare Team

The childcare team will be responsible for finding childcare volunteers to work on the day of the Opportunity Conference, ensuring children are fed and cared for, plus coordinating and planning activities.  Activity suggestions include, but not limited to:  visits by firefighter, police and emergency response personnel, Wild Hockey players reading with children, high school sport groups or clubs playing games etc.

Finance Team

The finance team will be responsible for creating a budget for the Opportunity Conference including fixed costs and per-person costs. Although we try to have everything donated, there are costs associated with the conference and it is important to have those outlined beforehand so we can write grants or secure donations for these expenses.

Food Team

The food team will be responsible for creating a menu, securing food donations and helping serve/clean-up during the Opportunity Conference.  The food at the event includes a light breakfast, lunch and snacks. Suggestion: Have a catering service donate time to prepare the food, bonus - a way to include the community at a higher level.

Incentive Team

The incentive team will be responsible for creating a list of “swag” items for the neighbors to take home as a gift bag. These items are household items that cannot be purchased with food stamps such as laundry soap, shampoo, and toilet paper. The incentive team will be responsible for securing donations for Donna to give during the conference. She often will ask questions for our Neighbors to answer, which help to reinforce the learning experience. There is a “grand prize” the incentive team will be responsible for securing. Last year, we had two gift bags, for one male and one female attending the conference. The Neighbors receive a ticket for a chance to win the grand prize when they turn in the Conference evaluation at the end of the day.

Logistics Team

The logistics team assists in preparing and setting up for the Opportunity Conference. This includes securing table cloths (hopefully donated), finding a venue. There are little things like having table tents with numbers to identify the tables, centerpieces, the red carpet, and anything else to make it feel like a star studded event that the logistics team will be responsible for helping with.

Marketing/Publicity Team

The publicity team will be responsible for creating flyers and garnering media attention for the Opportunity Community event. The publicity team will be responsible for ensuring the media is available the day of the event and also that a press release or story is being published after the event.

Navigators Team

The navigators at the Donna Beegle Opportunity Community Conference are the most instrumental people in this program. As a navigator, you will be paired with a neighbor, family or individual in poverty, and help them navigate through the systems and find resources to start their journey out of poverty. There will be a navigator and poverty 101 training and this will provide more insight on exactly what a navigator does.

Registration Team

The registration team will be responsible for connecting with neighbors prior to the event, ensuring they have transportation, double checking spellings, allergies, emergency contact information, and all other aspects of the application. They will be working with the transportation team to find them adequate transportation if they do not have a way to get to and from the conference. This team will have the responsibility of making sure the neighbors feel welcome and invited to the event and also that they are reminded of the day and time of the event. The registration will transition into the “Welcome Team” on the day of the event greeting the neighbors with open arms and ensuring they feel safe and their children feel okay being there as well.

Resource Team

The resource team will be responsible for ensuring there are multiple resources available the day of the conference. This will show the neighbors that their community is behind them 100% and also introduce them to the people who will be helping them navigate through the systems to ensure they understand the processes and logistics.

Transportation Team

The transportation team will be responsible for working with the registration team to ensure all neighbors have transportation to and from the event. This will be a great way to get people involved through churches and other organizations to donate towards bus passes or anything of that matter.