‘If you see something, say something’ | Video campaign shares warning signs of student depression

Bullying has recently come to forefront of our social discussions for all the wrong reasons.  Bullying, especially at any educational level, is not acceptable.  Our community has recognized this issue and are putting together programs directed to address the issue of bullying. The NCESD is lauching a new video campaing to show kids and their peers the warning signs of bullying, promoting this action with the slogan "See Something, Say Something". 

"The purpose is to remind each of us that we are all participants in protecting the safety of our students and schools" - Dr. Michelle Price, ESD Superintendent.

Check out the article below for more infomation on this program.


Source: The Wenatchee World

WENATCHEE – A new suicide-prevention social media and video campaign, “See Something, Say Something,” is being launched by the North Central Educational Service District with the help of two Wenatchee Valley Skills Center cinematographers.

Chelan High School senior Kevin Lyness and Eastmont High School senior Seth Gamble created two brief videos featuring student interviews that share the warning signs of student depression.

Those things might include not talking to friends, behavior changes and lack of interest.

The purpose is to remind each of us that we are all participants in protecting the safety of our students and schools,” said Jennifer Korfiatis, NCESD’s communications director, in a press release on the project.

The interviews were conducted during the November Career Fair at Wenatchee Valley College.

The idea was actually the brainchild of Dr. Michelle Price, the ESD superintendent,” Korfiatis said. “She brought it to me to create, and I looped in the Tech Center. The videos are on our YouTube channel and have been shared with all the superintendents in the region as well as the media in the region. We plan to use them on social media, primarily. I also plan to submit the campaign to a national education outlet.”

The videos are available to view and access on the NCESD YouTube Channel and can be found directly at:

There are a number of examples of someone outside of a school, maybe a parent or a friend, who is alerted to a situation where a student is depressed or may be considering engaging in unsafe behavior,” Price said. “This campaign has been created to remind each of us that we all play a role in ensuring student and school safety. The students who were interviewed are from a variety of North Central Washington schools and share their own thoughts and ideas on what to look for and do if you recognize concerning behavior.”

The NCESD is a resource to the 29 school districts in Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan counties.


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